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Our Apps

For all your health, wellness, and medical needs


Nabta Care

Nabta App

take control of your health

Scientifically proven. Powered by machine learning.

Nabta is the only app you will ever need to achieve your health goals. Whether your objective is to get fit and healthy, manage your cycle, monitor your pregnancy, or prepare for menopause, Nabta has a mode and a support network for you.

Health and Wellness Score

Fully personalised to you, your score improves as you become more knowledgeable about your health, and adopt healthy living habits

Personalised Health Insights

Integrate FitBit, Apple Health, and a bunch of other trackers to understand how your body responds to diet and lifestyle choices

Badges, Levels and Rewards

Start logging information about your health to win badges, move up levels, and unlock offers and rewards from Nabta partners

Nabta Care

medical encounters, reimagined

Getting a diagnosis has never been so easy

Nabta Care is the app for all your medical encounters and information, whether its speaking to a doctor, taking a test, or sharing your medical records. Nabta Care is designed to complement the day-to-day management of your health and wellbeing via the Nabta app.

Virtual Consultations

Speak to a doctor entirely at your own convenience. With pay-as-you-go chat messenger, audio and video consultations.

Home Testing

Choose one of our home test kits or take a prescribed test at home. Results returned digitally within 72 hours of sample collection.

Accessible Medical Records

Keep your medical records, health insights and test results in one place. Share only what you want with clinicians and family members.

What People Say

Rated 5 out of 5 by 175,000 happy customers, and counting.