Everything you Need to Know About Breastfeeding

The research on the benefits of breastfeeding just keeps getting better. Both the World Health Organization and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of life, with supplemental breastmilk to 12 months of age. This has been shown to have profound benefits for both breastfed babies and their moms.

Still, most moms have breastfeeding questions at some point, so we’ve compiled this handy index of breastfeeding articles and information for your reference or try Nabta’s at-home lactation Consultation. Bookmark this page, and if you have any specific questions, remember to Ask a Bundoo Doctor.

  • Breast milk basics
  • What’s in breast milk?
  • What is colostrum?
  • 10 cool things in breast milk
  • Learning to breastfeed
  • Breastfeeding benefits for mom
  • Breastfeeding benefits for baby
  • Breastfeeding outside the home
  • Breastfeeding in public
  • Breastfeeding laws in the United States
  • Breastfeeding in the NICU
  • Tips for breastfeeding at work
  • Storing breast milk
  • Microwaving and reheating breast milk
  • How to pump breast milk
  • Does insurance cover breast pumps?
  • Traveling and breastfeeding: tips for success
  • Breastfeeding on airplanes
  • Breastfeeding and your body
  • Breastfeeding must-haves for every mom
  • Breastfeeding and colds and viruses
  • Dangers of smoking and breastfeeding
  • Does “gassy food” affect your breast milk?
  • Birth control and breastfeeding
  • Spray tan and breastfeeding
  • Breastfeeding challenges
  • Who should I go to for breastfeeding help?
  • What are lactation consultants?
  • Common breastfeeding problems
  • Dealing with pain and breastfeeding
  • Sore nipples
  • Is buying breast milk online dangerous?
  • What are milk banks for breast milk?
  • Identifying and treating mastitis
  • Antibiotics and mastitis
  • Breastfeeding and your baby
  • Breastfeeding and spitting up
  • Extended breastfeeding
  • Thrush
  • Pacifiers and breastfeeding
  • Food allergies and breast milk
  • Breastfeeding fussy babies
  • Bottle-feeding breastfed babies
  • Transitioning from breastfeeding
  • Tips for learning to drink from cups
  • Baby-led weaning
  • When to wean your baby from the breast
  • Tips on weaning
  • Breastfeeding and your family
  • Involving dad and breastfeeding
  • How to support a breastfeeding mom
  • Breastfeeding and formula
  • Is breastfeeding overrated?
  • Can I use formula when I breastfeed?

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