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Balanced Woman

balanced woman TEST

Understand your hormones and health

As a woman, your body is controlled by your monthly cycle and hormones.  However, your hormones are in turn affected by a variety of factors.  Check to see if your circulating hormone levels and other essential parameters in your blood stream are in the normal range. Learn if an imbalance could be affecting your fertility, periods, skin, mood, or weight.

$79.00 Per test

WHAT CAN the balanced woman TEST TELL YOU?

This test can help you understand if having acne, irregular periods, low energy and weight gain is because of an imbalance. It can also help you understand why you might be having trouble getting pregnant.  It will measure other parameters such as your thyroid function which is essential for the harmony of hormones and other bodily functions such as metabolism and digestion.

Based on your results, you’ll get personalised help and advice from a UK qualified doctor.

If you’re on any kind of hormonal contraception or medication your results will not reflect your basal hormone levels. If you’re pregnant, we will recommend another test for you.

Simple, painless home testing

Do a finger-prick blood test from the comfort of your own home and get your results in 48 hours. No big needles, appointments or time off required.

Results you can trust

We use UK accredited labs and methods. Your results will always be reviewed by a qualified professional.

Personalised advice

Personalised online reports and evidence-based advice on how you can make positive changes. Track your progress over time with visibility, and the courtesy of non invasive, continuous testing.

Examples of parameters tested


Follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) helps your ovaries to function normally and plays a key role in egg production and ovulation. If your FSH levels are imbalanced you might have trouble getting pregnant. Or high FSH levels can be a sign that you’re menopausal.

Thyroid activity 

The thyroid is an extremely important gland that produces hormones that regulate major bodily functions such as metabolism, cardiovascular health and growth.  An underactive or overactive thyroid can compromise on menstruation irregularity, fertility, energy levels and metabolism. This test is meant to measure a few parameters that will enable you to understand if your thyroid is functioning normally.  

Luteinising hormone

Luteinising Hormone (LH) helps the in the development of the corpus luteum, a temporary structure in the ovaries which produces progesterone, triggering ovulation.  The levels of LH surge when a woman ovulating. High levels of LH outside of the middle of the cycle can indicate premature menopause, PCOS or other disorders.  Low levels of LH result in amenorrhea, or absent periods, which may be due to a number of conditions including poor diet. 



As a major male sex hormone, most women don’t know that it is normal to have some testosterone as well! As an androgen, testosterone is produced naturally in the ovaries and contributes to vaginal cellular turnover and sexual desire. It has also been shown to have a protective role in cardiovascular health.  Testosterone can also be converted to oestadiol, which is the major female sex hormone.  Women with higher or lower than normal androgen levels may have problems conceiving. Low levels can also lead to reduced energy levels, muscle mass and sex drive. 

Oestradiol (E2)


Oestradiol is the most active, abundant and pleiotropic of all 4 human oestrogens during reproductive years. It is responsible for the development of female sexual characteristics such as the breasts and fat pattern growth around the hips, and induces ovulation indirectly via its ability to trigger a surge in LH. In the luteal phase (second phase of your cycle), E2, in conjunction with progesterone, prepares the body for implantation. During pregnancy, the levels of E2 increases due to placental production of the hormone. The levels of E2 decrease with age.


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Vitamin D

Although it is a vitamin, Vitamin D is also a steroid with hormone-like activity.  The main source of Vit D is your skin, after exposure to the sun (UVB), but it can also come from dietary sources such as oily fish, mushrooms and eggs. The darker your skin is, the less vitamin D it produces.  This vitamin is important for many functions including bone health, immunity, and cancer. More recently, it has been implicated in the maintenance of health fertility and pregnancy. 

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HOW does this WORK?


Get your Nabta Health kit

Order your test online. We’ll post your kit and it’ll be in your hands the very next day.


Perform your test

Your kit contains everything you need. When you’re done, use the freepost envelope to send it back.


Results within 72 hours

Your full results, along with a personalised report from a qualified pathologist, will be available to access online.



Week 35

Welcome to Week 35! With five weeks still to go


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Week 34

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