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Can I get a Massage When i’m Pregnant?

Jennifer Lincoln, MD, IBCLC, Board Certified OB/GYN
January 3, 2019 . 1 min read

Prenatal massage can be a wonderful way to relax and take time for yourself in preparation of your baby’s arrival. However, you should check with your doctor first if you have any high-risk issues.

For the majority of women, though, prenatal massages are just fine. Going to a therapist who specializes in prenatal massages ensures they know the proper way to position you (on your side and off your back) and will apply the appropriate pressure. Before you go, be sure to be well-hydrated as a massage can make your blood pressure go down a bit, and this will help to keep you from feeling dizzy. And be sure to speak up if something isn’t comfortable … or you need to use the bathroom!

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