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German Measles (or "Rubella")

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German Measles (or "Rubella")

By Nabta Team

German Measles, also known as Rubella, is a viral infection that causes a red rash on the body. It is typically a mild infection that goes away within one week, even without treatment. However, if you are pregnant, it is a much more serious condition as it may cause congenital rubella syndrome in the fetus. Congenital rubella syndrome can disrupt the development of the baby and cause serious birth defects, such as heart abnormalities, deafness, and brain damage.

If you are unsure whether you've had the vaccination for German Measles, you can get a blood test done to reveal whether you body has the required immunity. If necessary, you will be given the MMR jab. Your doctor will advise when it’s safe to get pregnant after having the vaccine, but a month is usually suggested as a precaution.