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Breast cancer

Breast Cancer Staging

By Nabta Team

When it comes to treating breast cancer, a lot depends on the stage at which it has been diagnosed. Breast cancer stages can be determined both clinically as well as surgically (where the presence of certain receptors, production of protein by the cancer cells, as well as how “cancerous” the tumour cells are can be determined). The stages are denominated from stage 0 to stage IV, and stages II and III are further divided into sub -stages! Breast cancer staging may sound very complicated, but it is essential for clinician to be able to predict how the cancer will progress for the patient as well as determine which treatment option will work best. Clinical breast cancer staging looks at three characteristics: the size of the tumour, whether or not the lymph nodes are involved, and finally if the cancer has spread to other organs like liver or lungs. All these factors are looked at in combination to determine the stage of breast cancer and make clinical decisions.

Source: Sabiston Textbook of Surgery, 20th Edition


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