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Why is it Important to Evaluate Your Warts?

By Nabta Team

HPV is an infectious agent that is passed from person to person by contact. While it may seem like HPV refers to one virus, there are quite a few subtypes of this virus. And each of them affects the human body differently: there are 18 sub-types which cause pre-cancerous lesions in humans out of which two subtypes are the most common. However, there are many more HPV subtypes which cause warts on the skin but the lesions they cause are not precancerous. This is why the HPV testing done while evaluating a woman with pre-cancerous lesions looks to find out more regarding the specific subtype of HPV. Some of the options for the treatment of the lesions caused by low-risk HPV are application of antiviral cream, cryotherapy, surgical excision, or treatment with trichloroacetic acid.

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