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Fight Insomnia During Pregnancy


Fight Insomnia During Pregnancy

By Nabta Team

A new study has revealed that insomnia, or sleep disturbance, is extremely common during the third trimester of pregnancy, affecing 3 out of 4 women! This is due to several factors mostly associated with the size and position of the baby, including acid reflux and heartburn, backache and an increased desire to urinate.

To combat acid reflux, try taking a mild over-the-counter antacid such Gaviscon or Rennies. Always ask the pharmacist for something that is compatible with pregnancy and if you still aren't sure, check with your doctor first.

For backache, we recommend using a long pregnancy pillow that you can slot under your belly and between your knees while you're sleeping to help support your bump and balance your weight evenly.

Foods high in magnesium, chamomile tea and passionflower tea are natural ways to neutralise the acid in your stomach and can also help you to get some sleep at night.


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