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Taking Care of Your Scalp After Chemotherapy

By Dr. Merina Pradhan

Hair loss is one of the most striking and devastating side effects of chemotherapy – over 40% of cancer patients have reported hair loss to negatively affect their body image.

Even though hair loss during chemotherapy can be traumatic, the care of the scalp cannot be ignored as it would be now more vulnerable to the elements. Washing the scalp regularly with facial wash or mild shampoo, massaging the scalp, and using a light moisturizer such as the Ozalys Soft Scalp Milk on the scalp are essential to scalp care after chemotherapy. It is also necessary to use a sunscreen with at least 30 SPF on the scalp, to be careful of the heat from the oven while opening it, and to avoid long showers which can dehydrate the skin. 

About Ozalys

Ozalys allows women who wish to continue to care for themselves every day, to do so using products which innovate through their formulas, optimal absorption and packaging. They can thus preserve their daily beauty and skincare ritual thanks to specially formulated solutions, taking into account the consequences of various curative treatments and their undesirable side effects such as olfactory and sensory ultra-sensitivity.

Ozalys personal hygiene, face and body care products, perfume have all been developed with the utmost care, minimizing preservatives and excluding all substances suspected of being harmful to health. Their highly soothing, moisturizing and protective actions, as well as their delicate application, make the daily beauty routines also moments of well-being and comfort.


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