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Hints & Tips

How do I Protect my Child Against dog Bites?

Kristie Rivers, MD, FAAP, Board Certified Pediatrician
January 3, 2019 . 1 min read

Keep your child away from the breeds that are most prone to attacks, such as Pit bulls, Dobermans, Rottweilers, and German shepherds. Teach your child to always ask permission before petting a dog, then to let the dog sniff them first before petting.

Teach your child to never run past dogs, remain calm if a dog approaches, and avoid direct eye contact with dogs. Tell your child to never hug or kiss a dog they do not know. Remind your child to never pet a dog who is eating or drinking.

Teach your child to stand still with his hands and arms covering his face and ears if a dog begins to attack.

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