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Fascinating things about you and your body

Now you can access information to support all of your health and wellness needs, at every age and stage. We have over 2,500 articles covering every aspect of women's health.


Privately, conveniently and affordably from home

Now you can get answers to all those unanswered questions about hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, and genetic tendencies - all from the comfort of your home.


Carefully chosen products and services you can trust

Explore self-care that's sustainable, affordable and made for you. Explore the newly-launched Nabta Women's Health Shop for everything you need to stay healthy from the inside out.


Support for you and your goals

Four discreet in-app modes to help you achieve your health goals with privacy and autonomy.

An intelligent health assistant

Powered by machine learning and trained using millions of patient records.

Virtual and remote care options

Facilitated by a network of evidence- and value-based healthcare providers.

Recommendations for self-care

Courtesy of a network of local partners committed to empowering women.

Specialist advice and support

Hundreds of daily tips with personalised advice from providers on the platform.

trying to lose weight?

We know what that feels like 🙄

The 1st mode in our app - GET FIT AND HEALTHY - supports the integration of 300+ fitness trackers and wearable devices to help you understand what you need to do to lose weight, gain weight, or get back into shape.

Want to start a family?

We're here for you 🤗

The 2nd mode in our app - TRYING TO CONCEIVE - offers in-built cycle tracking and accurate insights about your fertility to help you navigate what we know is an exciting and joyful (but also potentially difficult and stressful) time.

Having a baby?

We couldn't be more excited for you! 😍

The 3rd mode in our app - HAVING A BABY - provides unique insights for you and your baby from the moment you conceive until 6 weeks after you give birth, along with plenty of tools and tips to stay active during pregnancy.

hot flushes? night sweats?

It could be a sign of perimenopause 😅

The 4th and final mode in our app - PREPARE FOR MENOPAUSE - confirms whether you are approaching menopause, and directs you to the best products and therapies to help you navigate this new stage in your life.

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We offer discreet, personalised and helpful healthcare, cutting the time taken to identify and manage health issues that could be preventing you from living a healthy, happy life.

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If required, Aya will direct you to seek additional support from a Nabta verified healthcare provider.

What makes us different?

Authentic and bespoke

We support you on your health journey on your terms, in your way. This is about you.

Emerging markets focus

We are redefining healthcare for women in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.

Research-led, AI-powered

We put clinical and technical excellence at the heart of everything we do.


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