Aquafit BIO

Intimate pH Gel Stick, Feminine Balance

Water-based, all natural Intimate pH Gel Stick. Restores healthy vaginal pH and muscle tonus, with Lactic Acid, Aloe Vera and Vitamin C. Nourishes friendly flora, prevents pathogens. Relief of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) symptoms including itching, odor, discharge.

About Aquafit Intimate

Aquafit Intimate was founded in 2017 by Rebecca Sternberg, Varda Messer and Vered Italiano and has developed a patented line of intimate gel stick products that combine vaginal muscle training with pH balance and active agent delivery to deep vaginal tissue.

“Aquafit Intimate is pioneering intimate wellness self-care products and services for women, by women.

"Our patented family of Intimate Gel Sticks (advanced hydrogel) let 45% of women across all ages achieve pain free intimacy by uniquely combining pelvic/vaginal muscle training, with pH balance, hydration and active agent delivery. Aquafit Intimate products are made of plant-based all natural ingredients, free from mucosal irritants, uniquely designed for the vaginal environment.

"Taking care of your sexual wellness is intimate and personal. That’s why we offer sexual wellness self-care products, services and support, 100% personalised, naturally. We are committed to improving women's lives through advanced applied science, usability and design, developing innovative products and services that feel really good and work really well, delivering pain free intimacy for women of all ages.

Why Choose us?

All-in-one intimate wellness

Combines pelvic floor muscle strength, hydration and vaginal pH to support intimate wellness

100% natural & plant-based

90% water, 10% plant based ingredients. No toxins. No hormones. No irritants.

Reimagining self-care

Designed for pain free intimacy, we deliver self-care products, for vaginal health, in your own hands.

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Aquafit BIO

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