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Essentials Membership

For female domestic and essential workers

Sponsor an Essentials Membership for female domestic, industrial and essential workers.

The Essentials Membership has been designed to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to corporate and domestic employees earning less than 4,000 AED per month who are covered only by basic health insurance. Our plans find the balance between emotional and physical well-being, and offer expert advice with a focus on nutrition and mental health. Now you can sleep better at night knowing that the women who act as your support system are also cared for, physically and mentally.

The membership can be subscribed for a minimum of 12 months.

In-person benefits are available only to women in the UAE.


Our Service guarantees

Safety & Security

Personalised reports

Feedback accompanying your test results will be tailored to support your health goals.

Trustworthy advice

Insights from our accredited healthcare professionals will be supplemented by impartial advice from Aya.

Action plans

Any recommended adjustments will be supported with access to digital tools and programs.

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Essentials Membership

AED 49