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Hair Alpha-Ray

CELLRETURN’s Hair Alpha-Ray is the answer for a healthy hair and scalp. Using the latest LED and NASA-derived technology, CELLRETURN has safely and effectively combined the 240 Near Infra Red (NIR), 240 Near Infra-Red Alpha (NIR Alpha) and 240 Red Wave Length (RWL) giving a total of 720 LED lights to stimulate hair growth, promote healing and cell renewal.

This product is available at our clinic in Dubai.

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Who is it for
Benefits of CELLRETURN
Who is it for

Hair Alpha-Ray uses a patented technology of dual infrared – Near Infrared wavelengths and Red Wavelengths – to create optimal hair health and growth. Customized treatments from 5-20 minutes per day. Proven to work on AGA (Alopecia Androgenetica).

The rays are safe and effective in increasing the level of oxygenation and nutrition to the hair roots, stimulating and strengthening their growth. Research done by scientists in South Korea on 50 patients suffering from mild to moderate Alopecia Androgenetica (AGA) type hair loss (both male and female pattern baldness), using the Hair Alpha Ray for 20 minutes a day for 6 months, showed that:
Hair density improved by 15% in 12 weeks and 25% in 24 weeks.
Hair thickness improved by 10% in 12 weeks and 15% in 24 weeks.

Benefits of CELLRETURN

CELLRETURN Hair Alpha Ray uses not only red wavelengths, but also near-infrared rays to deeply penetrate the scalp for greater beneficial effect.

+ Made with more than 10 years of research with proven clinical data.
+ Three treatment modes of various intensities.
+ Deeper penetration to stimulate hair growth.
+ Able to awake even 1% of dormant hair follicles.
+ Highly effective against hair loss and scalp disorders.


Step 1: Hair should be clean and dry.

Step 2: Put it on so that the button is on the front of the product.
It will automatically fit on your head, adjusting for various head shapes.

Step 3: Press the button on the front of the product to choose the power ON/OFF mode.

Step 4: Start with SOFT mode when you first use it, then progress to NORMAL mode and eventually to POWER mode over a period of 4-6 weeks.

Use it daily for 20mins and as it is WIRELESS you can wear it whilst watching TV, working at home, cooking or whenever suits you best!


CELLRETURN was founded by Mr. IL Soo Kim in 2006 to provide healthy beauty that shines every day by restoring your skin’s health.
The company spent more than 70,000 hours researching the most effective LED wavelength for the skin. Our unique technology received a patent for an LED module that delivers only safe and effective LED wavelengths on the skin and in 2014 CELLRETURN became the first company to create the very first LED mask on the market.

“I’m so excited to be working with the global CELLRETURN team to bring this incredible technology to the UAE. I first came across these incredible LED face masks when researching LED and Near Infra-Red (NIR) light (and their anti-inflammatory properties), to help manage my chronic migraine condition.”

“I do genuinely believe it can make a significant and positive difference to our skin health – helping with many conditions from inflammation to slowing the visible signs of aging itself.”.

Why Choose us?

Effective and Unique

Restores the skin from within using light therapy

Safe and Non-invasive

Tried and tested by doctors

Patent Technology

Uses NASA’s LED technology

Customer Reviews

“Saw this on GQ mag and it is a real saver. I was losing hair from stress I presume. I was very conscious of my hair loss and it affected my confidence. I even started wearing a cap to cover it. I have been using Hair Alpha Ray for 7 weeks now and I am really happy with the results. Best piece of gadget I have ever owned.”
Rick J.

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Hair Alpha-Ray

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