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Neckle Ray Plus

Neckle Ray Plus is the World’s First 360° LED Neck Care Device!
Unprecedented device with Near Infrared, Red and Blue wavelengths to help target the neck’s skin laxity, wrinkles, loose skin, dry skin, turkey neck, thinning skin, saggy neck, give the neck a better definition spots.
With three different modes you may customize your beauty session to target any of your concerns.

This product is available at our clinic in Dubai.

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Who is it for
Benefits of CELLRETURN
Who is it for

As the global pioneer in NASA-derived LED technology in health and beauty, CELLRETURN introduces Neckle Ray Plus the one and only 360° coverage neck care device globally.
The ergonomic design and CELLRETURN’s very own patented LED module provide perfect 360° neck care not only for the front but also for the sides and the back of the neck.
Similar to the popular CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask, the Neckle Ray Plus with its 459 LEDs emits 3 types of effective wavelengths; Near Infrared (NIR), Red and Blue. As proven, the wavelengths are effective to strengthen and rejuvenate the skin on the neck as well. It increases collagen and skin elasticity through the production of fibroblasts and boosts cellular activity by activating the mitochondria chromoreceptors.

Benefits of CELLRETURN

+ Effectiveness against neck’s skin laxity, wrinkles, loose skin, dry skin, turkey neck, thinning skin, saggy neck.
+ Wireless Neckle Rav does not require
a separate controller.
+ Easy and safe use anytime and anywhere.
+Increases collagen and skin elasticity through the production of fibroblasts and boost cellular activity by activating the mitochondria receptors.


Step 1: Clean your skin.
Step 2: You can use our CELLRETURN Therapy Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule before your LED mask.
Step 3: Place the mask around your neck.
Step 4: Turn on your Neckle Ray Plus and select your mode: red mode – anti-ageing effect,
skin elasticity, translucency, keratin and pore improvement effect; blue mode – calming effect for problematic skin; pink mode – sensitive skin.

Use it every day for 20mins.


CELLRETURN was founded in 2006 to provide healthy beauty that shines every day by restoring your skin’s health.
The company spent more than 70,000 hours researching the most effective LED wavelength for the skin. Our unique technology received a patent for an LED module that delivers only safe and effective LED wavelengths on the skin and in 2014 CELLRETURN became the first company to create the very first LED mask on the market.

“I’m so excited to be working with the global CELLRETURN team to bring this incredible technology to the UAE. I first came across these incredible LED face masks when researching LED and Near Infra-Red (NIR) light (and their anti-inflammatory properties), to help manage my chronic migraine condition..”

I do genuinely believe it can make a significant and positive difference to our skin health – helping with many conditions from inflammation to slowing the visible signs of aging itself.

Why Choose us?

Effective and Unique

Restores the skin from within using light therapy

Safe and Non-invasive

Tried and tested by doctors

Patent Technology

Uses NASA’s LED technology

Customer Reviews

“I got the Neckle Ray from CELLRETURN a month ago. I can see the difference it has made to my neck. I use it with the serum from CELLRETURN. My neck is less wrinkly and feels more firm. I love it and would highly recommend it.”
Fran J.

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Neckle Ray Plus

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