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Next Generation Pantyliners Long

With Anion Layer to provide protection against infection, bacteria and control bad odor.

✓ PECTIV long Panty Liners offer you a refreshing feeling all day long.
✓ Ultra-thin and absorbs daily discharge and bad odor in seconds.
✓ Free of toxic chemicals such as dioxin, bleaches, fragrances, chlorine, or other harmful materials found in most pads.

Shop PECTIV ultra-thin Pantyliners Long (1 pack x 30 Pads),

Curated by and fulfilled in partnership with Pectiv.
Available in: the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman


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PECTIV is the brainchild of Lenizer Company was founded in 2014 by Dr. Elias Abboud because most period care products are made with synthetic compounds, and toxic substances, which are detrimental to women's health.

"Our products were built to solve problems and offer protection. Application and safety are the two core elements of our product line. This award reassures consumers that products that come from new brands such as ours are effective and safe to use,"

"At Pectiv, our research facility is continually innovating to provide period essentials that give women better protection, enhanced hygiene, and improved reproductive health. Some of UAE's foremost gynaecologists recommend our products, because of how effective they are in addressing the top concerns that women face during their monthly cycles".

“At Pectiv, we recognise there is a growing need for better feminine care protection that does not cause sensitivity or leads to infection. For products that are used every month, there should be no compromising. That’s why our entire range is free of harmful toxins and successfully prevents bacteria and candida build-up, which are the leading cause of irritation in the intimate areas for women.”

Why Choose us?

Innovative Sanitary Pads

Next Generation feminine hygiene

Gynecologist Recommended

All PECTIV Pads are recommended by Gynecologist

Anion Layer

Provides protection against infection, bacteria and control bad odor.

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Next Generation Pantyliners Long

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