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Platinum LED Mask

Platinum LED Mask is the most innovative and powerful LED device with 1026 diodes currently available in the market. Using patented and NASA-derived LED technology, face mask promotes skin beauty and health within a cellular level. Different photo-therapy modes allow to customize it to treat any and every skin concern.

This product is available at our clinic in Dubai.

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Who is it for
Benefits of CELLRETURN
Who is it for

Platinum LED Mask is the 4th generation device that uses a patented Near Infra Red (NIR) technology (derived from NASA) to penetrate the skin 12 times deeper than any other mask or LED device on the market.

Photo Biomodulation (PBM) process stays behind the effective mechanism to promote tissue repair, cell regeneration, and renewal, reduce inflammation, and accelerate healing. PBM is about light that goes inside the tissue, increasing cell viability by stimulating the synthesis of ATP. By activating fibroblasts and procollagen synthesis, LED phototherapy has various skin improvement effects, such as elasticity and transparency, hydration, skin brightness, and soothing skin complexion. Improves the pore capacity of
stretched pores to increase the firmness of the skin. Increase the vitality and smoothness of skin around the eyes.

Benefits of CELLRETURN

The mask has 4 different modes to customize it to suit the individual needs of your skin.
+It uses a patented Near Infra Red (NIR) technology derived from NASA.
+World’s number 1 LED Face Mask with 1026LED light.
+Turns off automatically after treatment.
+Wireless, portable, touch to turn on, no side effects, tried, tested and approved.


Step 1: Clean your skin.

Step 2: You can use our CELLRETURN Therapy Hyaluronic Acid Ampoule before your LED mask.

Step 3: Place your CELLRETURN Platinum mask across your face, securing it with the strap at the back of your head

Step 4: Turn on your CELLRETURN Platinum LED Mask and select your mode:
red mode – antiageing, elasticity, hydration
blue mode – to treat acne and blemishes, control oil and sebum production
pink mode – reduces inflammation, calm the skin and reduce scarring fast mode
quick intensive mode for 9mins where red mode 7mins, blue mode 1 min and pink mode is 1 min.

Step 5: Relax for 20 minutes.

Mask will turn off automatically after the treatment.

For best results, use at least three times per week if not daily for no more than 20 minutes per day


CELLRETURN was founded by Mr. IL Soo Kim in 2006 to provide healthy beauty that shines every day by restoring your skin’s health.
The company spent more than 70,000 hours researching the most effective LED wavelength for the skin. Our unique technology received a patent for an LED module that delivers only safe and effective LED wavelengths on the skin and in 2014 CELLRETURN became the first company to create the very first LED mask on the market.

“I’m so excited to be working with the global CELLRETURN team to bring this incredible technology to the UAE. I first came across these incredible LED face masks when researching LED and Near Infra-Red (NIR) light (and their anti-inflammatory properties), to help manage my chronic migraine condition.”

“I do genuinely believe it can make a significant and positive difference to our skin health – helping with many conditions from inflammation to slowing the visible signs of aging itself.”

Why Choose us?

Effective and Unique

Restores the skin from within using light therapy

Safe and Non-invasive

Tried and tested by doctors

Patent Technology

Uses NASA’s LED technology

Customer Reviews

“I have had bad acne since I was a teenager. My mum got us the Platinum LED Mask from CELLRETURN. She uses it for anti-ageing and I use the Blue Mode religiously once a day. My skin has never looked this good. I still have the occasional breakouts but nothing like what I had before. We also got the BD2 Sonic brushes and they are amazing. Thank you CELLRETURN for my clear skin.”
Katie C
“This kit is very sturdy and well made! I have used LED light previously and have experienced its healing properties – and I decided to purchase this mask as a present for myself. Your skin will thank you for it! In particular, any acne or blemishes will heal faster. I am light-sensitive and so needed to put on an extra set of goggles underneath the mask and the provided eye covers. I only use this once or twice weekly but find it helpful. Delivery was quick and the customer service excellent!”

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Platinum LED Mask

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