Teen Periods Underwear Pack

Modibodi’s period-proof teen range is all about helping tween and teen girls as they start their periods and tackle womanhood one month at a time. This pack includes:

  • 1 x small wet/dry bag
  • 1x teen hipster bikini moderate/heavy absorbency
  • 1x teen hipster boy short moderate/heavy absorbency
  • 1x teen swim bikini brief light/moderate absorbency

With a thin (3mm) padded gusset, the teen underwear provides moderate/heavy absorbency, holding 15ml (the equivalent of 2-3 regular pads).

Curated by and fulfilled in partnership with Modibodi UAE.

Available in: United Arab Emirates only.
About Modibodi UAE

Modibodi was founded in 2013 by Australian mum Kristy Chong, out of a personal desire to develop a more sustainable, comfortable and convenient solution for periods and mild incontinence. Fellow Australian mum Natalie Hobbs, living in the Dubai, discovered Modibodi in 2018 and made it her mission to bring this wonderful product to the girls and women living here in the UAE.

In a country where awareness of period-proof underwear was very low and a culture that does not openly discuss periods, Natalie saw an opportunity to break down the taboo of periods, and make available a sustainable, more comfortable, more convenient and safe product for all girls and women in the UAE.

Natalie is trilled to have successfully helped more than 3,000 women significantly reduce their use of single-use disposable products, and at the same time empower girls and women across the Middle East. No longer do we need to miss out on activities such as swimming, running or sport when we have our period. Girls never need worry about rushing out of class in fear of embarrassment, no need to worry about leaks, being caught unexpected or feeling that we have to be house-bound when we have our period. Women can start or continue to exercise with confidence, even with light bladder leaks and mild incontinence - and not have to rely on uncomfortable, awkward pads and panty liners.

Why Choose us?


Replace single-use disposable pads and tampons with comfortable, reusable underwear. Better for you, better for the environment.

Peace of mind

With our leak-free underwear you don't need to worry about leaks anymore

Super Comfortable

Made from moisture wicking, breathable bamboo cotton

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Teen Periods Underwear Pack

AED 340