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Healthcare in the UAE is expensive

High Annual Premiums

Average plans for women cost around 10,000 AED per year and are paid upfront

High Co-Pays

Insurance co-payments can be as high as 20-30% for women on the Essential Benefits Plan

Low Emergency Coverage

Coverage for women on the Essential Benefits Plan is capped at 50,000 AED per annum

What if

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Now you can, with our new,

Our membership plans use a holistic approach to provide access to affordable, woman-centric care. We have designed our membership plans to serve the needs of five underserved categories of women in the community.

We offer holistic healthcare by taking into consideration the mental 🧠, nutritional 🥗, and physical 🏋🏿 health needs of the women we serve.






Plugging gaps in women's health

xMental Healthx

xMaternal Carex


63% of women in the UAE reported mental health issues post-pandemic

2 in 5 women leave the workforce after giving birth and never go back*

10% of women leave their jobs because of menopause symptoms and a lack of support

*based on statistical research conducted in the U.S. - comparative statistics are not available for the UAE

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PAID Memberships

The Essentials Membership

Designed to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to nannies, helpers, and women who earn less than 4,000 AED per month, and receive only basic health insurance under the Essential Benefits Plan.

The Freelancer Membership

By the time you've paid for your own license and activities, the cost of health insurance can seem like a huge burden! Now you can access affordable, pay-as-you-go care with our Freelancer membership. Designed by women, with love ❤

The Student Membership

"Puberty is easy", said no-one ever. Our student membership is designed to support you with your nutritional, mental, physical and emotional needs - from the first signs of puberty through school, higher education, and into your mid-twenties.

The New Mum Membership

Motherhood can be extremely isolating and overwhelming, especially in the early days. Our New Mum membership has been designed to take care of *you* are your needs, so you can get on with being a mum.

The Matriarch Membership

Did you know that "menopause" in Arabic translates as "the age of despair"? Not what any menopausal woman needs to hear. Our Matriarch membership provides you with the mental, physical and emotional support to embrace this new phase of your life as an "age of hope".

The Cysterhood Membership

Women with underlying health conditions and chronic diseases, we see you. Your struggles and symptoms have been dismissed for far too long. Our Cysterhood membership helps you address the root causes of your condition and offers support while you're on the road to recovery.

Plans and Pricing

Nannies / Helpers

Starting from 49AED Per Month

Self-employed Women

Starting from 49AED Per Month

Teens / Twenties

Starting from 39AED Per Month

Prenatal / Postpartum

Starting from 59AED Per Month

Peri / Menopausal

Starting from 59AED Per Month

Chronic Diseases

Starting from 49AED Per Month


Many traditional health insurances don’t provide adequate coverage for many of the preventive aspects of women’s health, for example, physiotherapy, nutrition and mental health. Our memberships are tailored to support the prevention and early detection of chronic conditions which allows you to keep track of your health and address concerns in a preventive manner. With a focus on holistic methods, this membership provides an educational approach to any patient wishing to take control of their health. 

The New Mum Memberships are created for women who are either expecting or have just delivered a baby (prenatal and postnatal). The plan is created to meet the physical and psychological demands of a New mum by allowing her to take control of her hormonal health, digestive issues, reduce risks for deficiencies, and address her mental health. Plans start from 59 AED a month.

The Freelance membership is perfect for self-employed women. Starting at 49 Aed, the membership is designed to help you take control of your hormonal health, reduce risks for metabolic or digestive issues, and make time for your mental health. Plans start from 40 AED a month

Starting at 49 Aed only, the Essentials Membership has been designed to provide affordable, accessible healthcare to female domestic employees such as nannies, housekeepers etc and frontline workers who are covered only by basic health insurance, with a focus on nutrition and mental health. 

At Nabta we challenge the long-held negative connotations associated with the natural changes a woman’s body goes through during menopause. Starting at 49 Aed only our Matriarch membership provides you with the mental, physical and emotional support to embrace this new phase of your life as an “age of hope” rather than an “age of despair” 

The Cysterhood Membership is a comprehensive healthcare plan for the timely diagnosis and management of chronic and underlying conditions in women. This membership is especially effective for women who have already been diagnosed with a chronic disease and are looking for a community and platform to effectively manage it.

Our clinic in Jumeirah 3 provides a variety of medical services including consultations with a physician, clinical dietitian, psychologist, physiotherapist, and personal trainer. We also provide a range of laboratory tests and care plans. Education is at the heart of our services: we provide education on birthing options, lactation and postpartum care

You can purchase one of our membership plans online from our website or in person at the Nabta Health Clinic. We can also share the information directly to you on email or whatsapp

If you have any questions regarding our membership plans you can reach out to our team on [email protected], who can go through the different plans and guide you on what is the most suitable option.

Yes, the monthly memberships have to be purchased for a minimum of 12 months and if you pay upfront for the whole year you will get a 15% discount and a bonus gift.

You can cancel the membership but you cannot withdraw from the payment cycle before 12 months are completed.

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Memberships can be purchased online from anywhere in the world but the services within a plan are only offered to the residents of the U.A.E

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