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Plans and Pricing


FREE Monthly
  • Full Platform Access
  • AI-powered Symptom Triage
  • All Basic Badges


10% off Annual Memberships
AED 40
  • PAYG Virtual Consultations
  • 5% Discount on Partner Products
  • Full Platform Access
  • AI-powered Symptom Triage
  • Basic and Premium Badges


20% off Annual Memberships
AED 100
  • Comprehensive Wellness Test
  • 1x Virtual Consultation Each Month
  • 10% Discount on Partner Products
  • Full Platform Access
  • AI-powered Symptom Triage
  • Basic, Premium and Exclusive Badges

Membership Features

A comprehensive set of tools to help you achieve your health goals.

4 Modes, 4 Goals

Get fit and healthy, get pregnant, monitor your pregnancy or prepare for menopause.

Daily Logs

Track your day-to-day activity and receive personalised insights and tips from Aya.

Cycle Predictions

Receive accurate predictions in-cycle for your next period and fertile window.

Cycle Insights

Understand your cycle and how it affects other aspects of your health.

Community Access

Access over 2,500 articles on every aspect of your physical and mental health.

Share With Favourites

Share your favourite articles and daily tips with your husband, friends and family.

User Levels and Badges

Collect badges and unlock deals while learning about your health! COMING SOON.

Enhanced Fertility Data

Access advanced ovulation predictions and your own 8 day fertile window.

Profile Customisation

Give your period and fertile windows a codename and set personalised reminders.

Third Party Integrations

Integrate third party wearables for enhanced activity tracking. COMING SOON.

Lunar Calendar

Swap to the Hijri calendar to track your fasting during Ramadan.

Appointment Booking

Book appointments with recommended healthcare providers. COMING SOON.

Realtime Monitoring

Monitor your fertility in realtime with OvuSense's patented technology.

Ovulation Predictions

Detect ovulation with 99% accuracy in cycle thanks to OvuSense.

Log Reminders

Set log reminders and receive log recommendations tailored to you.

24/7 Helpline

Contact our medical support team at any time of day or night. COMING SOON.

Virtual Consultations

Choose from chat, audio and video consultations. COMING SOON.

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