Healthcare used to be
about this

(the clinics, the waiting)

Today it's about this

(it's about YOU)

achieve your health goals

At every age and stage.

Our unique model of hybrid healthcare combines digital and traditional healthcare to help you achieve your health goals with privacy, autonomy and convenience.

Trying to conceive? Worried about sustained weight loss? Our personal assistant, Aya, will help you identify any factors that could be preventing you from achieving your health goals. From now on, your healthcare is all about YOU.

Built by women, for women

Our unique model of care is based on the latest clinical research, clinical best practice, and the collective experience of thousands of women like you ✿

Key features

Woman-centric healthcare

Four discreet in-app modes to help you achieve your health goals with privacy and autonomy.

Intelligent health assistant

Meet Aya, our AI-powered health assistant who will help you achieve your health goals.

Smart medical devices and tests

Aya will recommend only what you need for your individual health journey.

Personalised health score

Log symptoms and integrate wearable devices to improve the accuracy of your health score.

Specialist advice and support

Discover 100s of tips along with advice from your medical team and wider care network.

Before you begin

What's your health goal?

Get Fit & Healthy

Making your health, fitness and wellbeing goals achievable all in one place. Everything you need to live your healthiest life.

Key features:

  • Workouts for all abilities
  • Weight management
  • Integrates with wearable devices
Get Fit & Healthy

Track My Cycle

We’ll help you to conceive or avoid becoming pregnant. Access wellness tests and fertility devices to optimise your health and give you the best chance of pregnancy, if, and when, that’s your goal.

Key features:

  • In-built cycle tracker
  • Integrated FDA-approved, CE certified medical device that detects ovulation with 99% accuracy
  • Integrated at-home blood tests to check your current health status
Track My Cycle

Monitor My Pregnancy

Discover and understand your pregnancy. See your baby’s progress with our augmented reality foetus encounter. Log all of your pregnancy symptoms, and receive the best advice & support, you’ll have everything you need to prepare for your new arrival.

Key features:

  • Augmented reality foetus encounter
  • Birth plan builder
  • Pregnancy workouts
Monitor My Pregnancy

Prepare for Menopause

For you to take control of menopause, not the other way around. Log your symptoms, check your vitamin & mineral levels, and discover the best advice to support you through this transformative period. Everything you need to look and feel like you.

Key features: ​

  • Integrated at-home blood tests to check your current health status
  • Symptom tracker
  • 100s of tips & advice
Prepare for Menopause

The wait is over

Download the Nabta نبتة app and start working towards your health goal today.


The Nabta نبتة app is the gateway to discreet, personalised and helpful healthcare, cutting the time taken for diagnosis and treatment of non-communicable diseases that could be preventing you from achieving your health goals.

Download Nabta نبتة and meet Aya.

Set your health goal. Start tracking your activity and working to improve your health.

Aya may recommend one of our integrated devices to help you achieve your goal.

Results and recommendations will be delivered via the app.

If required, Aya will direct you to seek additional support from a Nabta verified healthcare provider.

What makes us different?

Authentic and bespoke

We support you on your health journey on your terms, in your way. This is about you.

Built by and for women

Our platform is designed to solve real pain points for women. We know, because we've lived them.

Research-led, AI-powered

We put clinical and technical excellence at the heart of everything we do.


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Healthcare from the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience. No more waiting for appointments and the stress of the unknown.

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