Get to know
your cycle

Nabta Cycle is a smart period and ovulation tracker that allows you to stay on top of your cycle. Receive tailored insights to learn when you're most fertile.

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Nabta Cycle App Features

Hijri Calendar

Track your missed fasting days during Ramadan and schedule make-up days with friends

Cycle Logs

Log symptoms every day to receive accurate predictions for your next period and fertile window

Cycle Insights

Receive personalised insights about your cycle, with background information to support every insight

Active Community

Get answers to all your cycle questions from local health experts, and share tips with friends


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Peace of mind for
your pregnancy

Access personalised insights for your pregnancy with Nabta Bud. Get answers to all your pregnancy questions, from bodily changes to cravings to dietary requirements.

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Nabta Bud App Features

Pregnancy Milestones

Weekly milestones for you and your baby aligned to your personal health and wellness goals

Hybrid Care Plans

Seamlessly integrated smart tests and medical devices to support virtual appointments and self-care

Multiple Pregnancy Support

Tailored content to support multiple pregnancies, natural deliveries and combi-feeding

Transparent Delivery Options

Antenatal, delivery and postpartum package selection based on insurance coverage


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Anticipate your baby's
every need

Nabta Neo gives you all the tools you need to embrace parenthood with confidence. Track your baby's progress with encouragement from the Nabta community.

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Nabta Neo App Features

Daily Milestone Updates

Celebrate each of your baby's milestones in the first 24 months

Postpartum Care Plans

Personalised care plans for your baby(ies), including vaccination schedules

Vitals Monitoring

Integrated smart devices for real-time monitoring of premature baby vital signs

Virtual Consultations

Fully secure video, chat messenger and phone consultations with local pediatricians


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