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Welcome, empowered women!

We are so excited to bring you our long-awaited podcast, where we delve deep into the world of women's health in emerging markets, interviewing a hugely diverse range of global experts.

Our contributors include local and global leaders in sexual health, mindfulness, nutrition, exercise and more! With open and frank discussion on everything from periods to the perimenopause.



Our first season of Empowered Women focuses on fertility. We will then move on to look at pregnancy, menopause and overall women's health in subsequent seasons. Perfect for your daily car journeys, exercise sessions, walks and me-time, our podcast has something for all women. Tune in and learn about your health!


Season 1 - FERTILITY

Episode 12

Trying to Conceive? Why Diet and Lifestyle Matter

Bringing the fertility season of the Empowered Women podcast to a close, Panna Morgan interviews Cosette Fakih, a dietician based in Dubai. We all know that once a woman is pregnant, she does need to follow a health balanced diet. Why does it matter what kind of lifestyle you follow before you get pregnant? If you or anyone in your life is trying to get pregnant (whether they are a woman or a man!) this is a must-listen to episode to learn what we should or should not eat or avoid during this time.

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Episode 11

"It's Not Personal": When Your Work and Fertility Journey Collide

This is a topic that it affects so many women, and is so often not spoken about - don't miss it! Sophie Smith interviews the amazing Natasha Hatherall-Shawe, Founder and CEO of Tish Tash Communications here in Dubai. Tash is a passionate advocate for women in business, and for women’s overall and mental health, and has spoken publicly about her own health and fertility journey. Join us as Tash gives a refreshingly open view on how women deal with the pressures of work and fertility.

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Episode 10

We Need to Talk About: Miscarriage

Panna Morgan interviews Dr. Hassan Shehata, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynecologist at St. Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust in the UK. In today’s episode Panna and Dr Hassan discuss why, despite the fact that 1 in 4 women experience miscarriage, all over the world miscarriage is still linked with stigma and shame. Join us for this intriguing conversation where we debunk some of the most common misconceptions around this highly sensitive topic.

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Episode 9

Infertility: The final Frontier

Sophie Smith interviews Dt Katherine Borge, CEO of Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic MENA. In today’s episode Katherine explains that infertility is a medical condition that requires medical intervention. They talk about factors that affect fertility in men and women in the region. If you or anyone you know is experiencing or has gone through difficulties with fertility, this is a great episode to listen to for critical information on all things to do with fertility treatment.

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Episode 8

When Did Falling Pregnant become a fight?

Panna Morgan chats to Dr. Dimitrios Kafetzis, Medical Director and the founding doctor at Orchid Fertility in Dubai. They talk about the odds of a couple getting pregnant without a problem, and whether there is an increase in women struggling to get pregnant. From women postponing pregnancy to later in life to other factors that impact the number of women seeking fertility support, Panna and Dr Dimitrios unpick the question of when falling pregnant became a fight. .

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Episode 7

A short history of period products

Sophie Smith chats to Lauren Wang, CEO of The Flex Company. As they explore the history of period products, going way back in time through different cultures, prepare yourself to have your mind blown! Find out how technology relating to periods has had significant impacts on women’s health and personal and professional freedoms both in the MENA region and around the world.

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Episode 6

Opportunities for Innovation in Women’s Health

Sophie Smith interviews Hana Besbes, an investment manager at Heal Capital. Heal is a 100 million euro European venture capital fund, investing in technology-enabled healthcare champions. Sophie and Hana talk about the most exciting recent healthcare innovations for emerging markets and the impact they could have on women.

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Episode 5

Untapped: Women's Health in Emerging Markets

Sophie Smith interviews Mazen Altaruti, LAMERA President at Organon. We explore the history of big pharma and the role it has played in shaping women’s health over the past century as well as the factors working against growth and development in women's healthcare in emerging markets.

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Episode 4


Dr. Panna Morgan interviews Dr Samina Dornan, Head of Obstetrics at King's College Hospital London. We talk about our periods being the fifth vital sign and the need to normalise the conversation around the subject.

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Episode 3

Tackling period poverty

Dr. Panna Morgan interviews Chanda Lokendra, Founder of LiZZOM. Topics include: what is period poverty, how do we educate girls and boys about periods, how can women work together to tackle period poverty, and what are LiZZOM's goals for period care in the region.

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Episode 2

How to: Manage your reproductive health

Dr Panna Morgan interviews Dr Fadi Mirza, Head of Obstetrics, at Latifa Hospital, Dubai. Topics include: tips for managing your reproductive health, common reproductive health issues, cultural differences in reproductive health, and the evolution of OB/GYN best practice.

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Episode 1

FEMTECH? What's that?

Sophie Smith interviews Reenita Das, Head of Healthcare for Frost & Sullivan. Topics include: a brief history of FemTech, innovations in male and female health, the investment landscape for FemTech, global trends in FemTech, and opportunities for FemTech in emerging markets.

Sponsored by Frost & Sullivan