Postpartum Doula Package

This postpartum doula package helps ease the transition from pregnancy to motherhood by giving you a fully capable extra pair of hands, to be with you whenever you need it. The postpartum doula package includes:

  • 10 postpartum visits for 90 minutes each
  • Assistance with early baby care
  • Care and attention for the new mum
  • Expert companion to answer all your new mum questions
  • Support, encouragement and reassurance
  • Toddler entertainment
  • Basic breastfeeding concerns

Curated in partnership with and fulfilled by Delta Strength Doula.

To learn more about the postpartum doula service offered, book a free 10 minute intro call.

Available in: United Arab Emirates only.

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About Delta Strength Doula

Delta Strength Doula was founded in 2016 by Yasmin AbuAyed in response to her desire to share the information she was learning during her pregnancy journey.

"My favorite moments as a birth doula and breastfeeding counsellor are when mothers recognise and embrace their own strength. I am passionate about birth rights for women and believe the more information a mother has and the more involved she can be in the decision-making around birth, the more positive her experience will be.

"I decided to become a doula because I have a strong desire to get knowledge to birthing people and help them learn the amazing capabilities they have, and experience the empowerment a birth can bring to their life. The culture we live in today puts such a fearful and painful image around labor I think it leads to many women missing the opportunity to really enjoy and be excited about their birthing day. As a doula, I now have the privileged role of the protector and steward of birth, bringing out the best possible experience for you and your baby.

"My goal is to ensure you are informed and feel empowered and confident throughout your experience."

Why choose us?

Continuous care

Same doula for pregnancy, birth and postpartum visits

Empowered births

Hands-on support and guidance from birth preferences to delivery

Home visits

Postpartum care tailored for women and their families

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Postpartum Doula Package

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