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10 Great Places to Raise Kids

1. Best cities for families

Once you’ve had children, the dimensions of your home search change dramatically. Schools, amenities, kid-friendly entertainment, crime rates, cost of living and other factors suddenly take center stage, with more and more families considering big moves to check all of the boxes. Here are 10 of the best cities you could choose to raise your children in (and don’t forget to take a peek at which cities to avoid)!

2. Omaha, NE

With all of the wholesomeness you might hope to find in the Midwest, Omaha has the stats and amenities to make life good. The approximately half million people living here enjoy a low crime rate, great schools (with an amazing library system that promises to inspire any young reader), tons of fun at the zoo and children’s theater, and plenty of friends with one-third of the population comprised of families with children.

3. Richland, WA

Though it is one of the smaller contenders, Richland’s northwestern beauty and charm combine with all the right factors to make it a great place for families. Parents, especially those whose careers might take them into the Department of Energy, a major employer here, can rest easy knowing that the standard of living is fairly high, with an average household income of $95,620, and that the area schools help students achieve success on the state’s standardized tests. Meanwhile, children can enter into a dreamland with every outdoor activity they could imagine: a fishing pond, splash park, 29 public playgrounds, and the 12,000 square foot crowning jewel known as the “playground of dreams.”

4. Des Moines, IA

The standard of living doesn’t get much better than in Des Moines, where the unemployment rate and housing costs are low, with four-bedroom homes available within the $200,000 range, and the median household income is $57,185. Families can work hard, with children in small classes at schools with high test scores. They also play hard with 300 miles of walking and bike trails to explore, minor league baseball to watch, and an ice rink at Brenton Skating Plaza to enjoy.

5. Manchester-Nashua, NH

If you want your family to be close to nearly every sort of fun you can think of, in an area with a population of around 400,000, an average household income of $68,513, and no sales or state income taxes, Manchester-Nashua is the place for you. Here you can buy a home that is near Boston and just an hour from the ocean, White Mountains, and lake fun for just $195,000. The city itself has plenty of attractions, including minor league baseball and hockey, as well as the SEE Science Center.

6. Raleigh, NC

Good old southern charm combined with an excellent school system that includes diverse charter and traditional schools, with 90 percent of students planning to go on to higher education, might just be the ticket for some families. Raleigh weighs in with a respectable population of 375,000, which means there is plenty to do: museums, sporting events, good food, religious organizations, and camps keep families engaged.

7. Colorado Springs, CO

Going up? Colorado Springs is a city similar in size to Raleigh, just 15 minutes away from towering Pike’s Peak. In addition to the amazing outdoor lifestyle that Colorado has to offer, this city (just an hour outside of Denver) boasts excellent schools, the only Montessori program in the area, a new performing arts center, and a median home price of just $192,000. It is also home to a U.S. Air Force base and the U.S. Air Force Academy.

8. Belmont, MA

Parents who value volunteerism may want to settle just outside of Boston in the smallest city on our list, with a population of just over 23,000: Belmont. Even among youngsters starting in kindergarten, volunteering is a way of life in a community that is focused on caring for others. Not only does this city boast the same great quality of education that many other contenders have, it is also home to a nationally recognized music program.

9. Mason, OH

With plenty to do, including the Lindner Family Tennis Center, Kings Island Theme Park, and water parks, Mason is a fun place for families to settle down. Just outside of Cincinnati, this small suburb of just under 30,000 people offers affordable homes at around $189,000 within a school district that offers kids excellent access to technology and knowledge. There is one computer for every 2.6 students in the school system’s modern classrooms.

10. Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids offers families all of the elements of home they are looking for, within an affordable and reasonable cost of living. Parents will enjoy low-stress commutes and the security of a low crime rate, while kids will have the option of attending traditional schools or one of several charter schools. Seventy-five percent of families own homes here.

11. Boise, ID

Boise offers all of the beauty of the Pacific Northwest, the amenities that come with being the region’s third-largest city, and lower cost of living and crime rates than Seattle and Portland. Parents don’t need to worry about crazy commutes here, and children have access to good schools and lots of entertainment, including a football team to call their own.


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