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18 Best Breakfast Options for Your Toddler

best breakfast ideas for your baby toddler

Best breakfast options for your toddler, eating breakfast is a healthy habit. Research tells us that breakfast-eaters have better weight control, focus, and attention in school and tend to avoid overeating. Of course, these results are in older children — but getting the breakfast routine started early helps it become a habit.

One trick for making breakfast stick is to have a variety of food items with a rotating menu on hand. Here are 18 nutritious breakfast ideas for your toddler. But remember to mix it up so your toddler doesn’t get bored with breakfast!


Poached egg in a bowl with whole grain toast “fingers” for dipping; fruit on the side; milk

Scrambled eggs with cheese and buttered cinnamon raisin toast squares; milk

Chopped hard-boiled egg, English muffin half topped with sliced cheese and sliced into “fingers” served with melon slices; milk

Diced ham, spinach, and cheese omelet with canned mandarin oranges (in own juices); milk

Waffles and pancakes 

Waffle strips, maple syrup, turkey sausage, and cut up apple; milk

Waffle with nut butter spread, topped with banana slices, and cut into small 1” squares; milk

Waffle “fingers” with fruit yogurt for dipping; 100 percent fruit juice

Pancakes topped with warmed fruit jam or nut butter; cut up small and served with canned sliced peaches (in own juices); milk


Banana bread with cream cheese spread, served with 100 percent fruit juice

Mini-muffins (any variety) with quartered grapes; milk

Granola, oatmeal, cereal 

Vanilla yogurt parfait: layer vanilla yogurt, crispy rice cereal, and chopped berries; 100 percent fruit juice

Oatmeal made with milk and topped with fresh fruit and crushed nuts (walnuts or pecans); 100 percent fruit juice

Cream of Wheat (farina) made with milk and topped with honey, crushed nuts, and berries; milk

Oaty-O’s cereal and milk with chopped strawberries on top; 100 percent fruit juice


Whole wheat toast spread with apple butter and sprinkled with cinnamon; serve with sliced cheese; 100 percent fruit juice

French toast triangles served with syrup on the side for dipping and mixed fruit salad (seasonal); milk

Ham and cheese mini-croissant cut up into small pieces; serve with pear slices; milk

Tortilla spread with nut butter or hazelnut chocolate butter, warmed up and sliced into thin strips; serve with sliced strawberries; milk

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