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3 Signs my Baby is Getting Ready to Walk

1. First steps!

As your baby grows, he or she will meet many milestones, but few are more exciting or memorable than the first steps. Though it can take some time, walking will likely come naturally to your baby, since we are all born with an innate urge to walk. Many babies begin walking between 11 and 12 months old, but every child can be different. When will your baby start walking? Here are 3 major signs to watch out for.

2. Pulling up to standing

One of the first signs that your baby is getting ready for those first few steps is when he or she starts pulling up into a standing position. After learning to sit up, most babies will use just about anything sturdy enough to grab onto to pull themselves up. Chairs, couches, playpens, tables, your legs — everything becomes a tool for standing.

3. On a cruise!

Once your baby is standing, he or she will likely start cruising, or taking small steps while balancing by holding onto furniture (or something else). These initial, supported steps will help your baby develop the balance, coordination, and strength necessary for independent walking. This process will also help your baby develop confidence in his or her abilities.

4. Standing alone

Finally, your baby will take a big step towards walking — standing independently, without support from you or a nearby object. Your baby will probably practice sitting and standing repeatedly, as he or she gets the hang of balancing and moving without support. It is only a matter of time before walking without support follows this stage.

5. Offering encouragement

You can help your baby throughout this process. Just as your support and encouragement is meaningful to your baby in other areas of life, it will help him or her take on this challenge. You can also offer motivation by placing an object outside of your baby’s reach and encouraging him or her to take steps towards it. Be sure you have your camera ready for those first few steps!


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