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Can I Travel When Pregnant?

If you are planning to travel during your pregnancy, it is important to prepare just in case something arises. If you’ll be far from home, know the name and phone number of a nearby hospital (and be sure they offer obstetric services), and carry your prenatal records with you.

Be sure to stretch your legs frequently if you are traveling by car or plane to prevent swelling and blood clots. Stay well hydrated, and try to eat healthy so you don’t feel ill.

Most airlines will not allow a woman to fly after 36 weeks, so you may want to have a letter from your doctor stating how far along you are if a need to clarify arises.

Lastly, while this may sound overly cautious, once you have reached viability in your pregnancy, you may want to ask yourself, “What if something happens, and I need to be hospitalized for the remainder of my pregnancy?” Are you comfortable with that hypothetical situation if you are traveling far from home? This may be more applicable to international travel, but I’ve seen it happen before (what a great excuse to spend time in Paris!).

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