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How can I get my Child to Stop Thumbsucking?

Talk openly about the bad habit. Explain to your child that he is old enough to stop and offer support if he eventually tells you he is ready to kick the habit.

Identify triggers. Does your child suck when he is tired, bored or stressed? By identifying times when your child is prone to suck, you can possibly intervene.

Use positive reinforcement. Don’t cause a confrontation by forbidding him to suck his thumb. This will likely backfire.

Limit the behavior. Perhaps by offering a compromise, you will be able to reduce the frequency of the behavior. For example, maybe he would be willing to limit his thumbsucking to naptime and bedtime, or just in the house instead of out in public.

Gloves, thumb guards, bandages, and bitter-tasting substances can be used, but they will often frustrate the child. Remember, your child will outgrow this behavior when he is ready!

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