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How Much Caffeine Can I Have While Pregnant?

There have been some studies that have looked at caffeine intake as a risk factor for miscarriage, and usually, when women ask about caffeine in pregnancy, this is what they are referencing. Unfortunately, many of these studies were not well done and led to some inappropriate media attention. What we do know is that generally staying under 200mg is considered safe. To help you gauge how much that amounts to in your day-to-day life, here is a general guide (but keep in mind individual coffee/tea content can vary based on the blend and how it was brewed):

  • One shot of espresso: 50mg caffeine
  • 16oz Starbucks latte: 150mg
  • 16oz McDonald’s coffee: 100mg
  • 16oz Starbucks Pike Place coffee: 330mg
  • 8oz green tea: 40mg
  • 12oz Coca-Cola: 30mg
  • 12oz Mountain Dew: 50mg
  • 2oz Five-Hour Energy drink: 207mg

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