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Is it OK to use Baby Talk With my Child?

Most of us are familiar with “baby talk” — the slow, exaggerated, higher-pitched way that people speak to babies. When parents use baby talk, they make exaggerated facial expressions, emphasize and repeat key words, and simplify their vocabulary.

If you find yourself engaging in this kind of baby talk, keep it up! Research has shown that it can be helpful for babies. They tend to tune into speech more when they hear baby talk. It can also help them better recognize the most important words in a sentence, which essentially helps them gradually understand the meaning of words.

One important reminder: baby talk should always be grammatically correct. For example, it’s recommended to say, “Those peas are yummy,” rather than, “Peas yummy.” When caregivers omit proper grammar, children miss out on important information and cues needed to understand words and learn grammar.

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