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Is the Paleo Diet oK for my Baby?

The Paleo Diet has traditionally been for adults but has been recently adapted for babies, often called Paleo Baby or the Cave Baby diet. The premise of the diet is to have babies eat like our Paleolithic ancestors, focusing on plant foods (fruit and veggies), meat, and fish, while avoiding processed food, sugar, grains, and beans.

During the first year of life, babies may be breastfed or formula fed. Breastfeeding is ideal for its many and various benefits to your baby, and formula is a good stand-in if you cannot or choose not to breastfeed. However, from a Paleo perspective, formula doesn’t jive with the Paleo Diet (it’s highly processed, for one). The alternative some parents have used is a homemade baby formula made from bone broth and liver, but this is dangerous for your baby as it may contain too much vitamin A (a toxicity risk), too little of other important nutrients (risk for nutrient deficiency), and it may not be sterile.

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