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Milestones: 5-7 Months: Physical Development

Your 5- to 7-month-old is just beginning to discover his or her own body, but these little developments add up to a big change. At this age, your baby is still learning to control voluntary muscles, which requires a great deal of coordination. You\’ll begin to notice less random squirming and more purposeful kicks and lunges, as well as the ability to sit for short periods of time, raise their heads while lying on their stomachs, and grasp and “rake” small objects. This is also the age when your baby can reliably roll over from back onto stomach and vice-versa while sleeping or lying down. You\’ll have to be on constant patrol to see if your child is sucking on inappropriate or dangerous things.

Don\’t be too worried if your infant fails to meet 2-3 of the milestones listed below, but do consult your pediatrician if your child seems listless, has a “floppy” head while sitting or lying on the stomach, or fails to grasp objects or bring them to the mouth.

By 5-7 months, most babies will:

Purposefully kick their arms and legs, rather than flailing about.

Fully raise their heads and prop up on their elbows when lying on their stomachs.

Roll over from their backs onto their stomachs, and vice versa.

Firmly grasp fingers, rattles, and small toys.

“Rake” small objects with their fingers to bring them closer.

Constantly bring objects to their mouths.

Sit with a minimum amount of support.

Reach for objects with one, instead of both, hands.

Take two or three naps a day, and begin to sleep longer at night.

Make “swimming” motions with their limbs when lying on their stomachs.

Transfer objects from one hand to the other.

By 5-7 months, some babies may:

Sit up on their own, without having to support themselves with their hands.

Be able to support most of their weight on their feet.

Drool (which is not necessarily a sign of teething).

By 5-7 months, some babies can:

Bounce up and down when held in a standing position.

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Reviewed by Dr. Sara Connolly, December 2018


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