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Milestones: 8-12 Months: Physical Development

Most babies approaching their first birthdays are on the brink of a major transition: they are about to get up and take those first tottering baby steps. Before your baby starts walking — which usually happens around or after the first birthday — he or she will typically be an accomplished crawler.

At this age, babies are also developing their eye-hand coordination and fine motor skills, banging objects together, holding small pieces of food between their thumbs and forefingers, drinking out of a sippy cup, and picking up and inspecting pretty much anything within reach (which is why it\’s important to step up your baby-proofing efforts). Don\’t worry too much if your baby fails to accomplish a few of the milestones listed below, but do consult your pediatrician if your child is not crawling or able to sit up independently.

By 8-12 months, most babies will: 

Begin crawling (usually around 11-12 months)

Sit up by themselves without any assistance

Pull themselves up to a standing position with the aid of a chair or table

Grasp small objects between their thumbs and forefingers (which is why it\’s important to keep an eye out for choking hazards)

Feed themselves with their hands

Bang objects together (whether it\’s appropriate or not)

Try to pick up anything within reach (so you should baby-proof your home to accommodate a more mobile infant)

Easily transfer objects from one hand to the other

Be able to hold onto, and drink out of, a sippy cup

By 8-12 months, most babies may: 

Walk while holding their hands on a table or other piece of furniture

By 8-12 months, most babies may even:

Begin walking without any support

Eat with a fork or spoon

Put objects down gently, rather than dropping them on the floor or table

Play patty-cake or give you a “high five”

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