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Milestones: Newborn to 1 Month Old Physical Development

Baby milestones, new born to 1 month old physical development

Milestones: Newborn to 1 Month of your baby’s life, don’t be surprised if it’s full of eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying. At this age, babies have very little control of their voluntary muscles and instead rely mainly on reflex actions, such as sucking, yawning, sneezing, crying, and burping. As they progress through their first month of life, they begin to discover their body parts.

The discovery of a hand is a big moment, and it’s an even bigger moment when your child realizes the control of that hand. Crawling, walking, and even running will happen sooner than you think, but they begin when your baby discovers his or her own body and the world around them.

By birth to one month, most babies will:

Kick their arms and legs in a jerky, uncoordinated way.

Confidently suck from a breast or bottle.

Wriggle and squirm on your lap or in their cribs.

Raise their hands to their mouths or eyes.

Be startled by sudden movements or noises.

Turn their heads when you touch their cheeks.

Cry, scream, gurgle, sneeze, blink, and engage in other natural reflexes.

Wake up numerous times during the night (every 2-3 hours) for feedings.

Reflexively grasp an object or finger that is placed in their hand.

Keep their hands closed in fists.

By birth to one month, some babies may:

Attempt to lift their heads when lying on their stomachs.

Begin to open their hands when at rest.

By birth to one month, a few babies can:

Attempt to push themselves up when lying on their stomachs.

Begin to wave their arms and legs in more coordinated, rather than jerky, motions.

Follow you with their eyes as you walk across the room.

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