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Speech Milestones for a 1 Year Old

What speech and language should baby be using by 12 months?

From about 7-12 months, babies can usually babble both long and short strings of sounds. They can imitate numerous sounds and will use speech sounds to get another’s attention. They are also able to use gestures like waving or reaching to communicate. By around your baby’s first birthday, you should hear him produce his first word or two.

What speech and language should baby understand by 12 months?

Also between about 7-12 months, your baby’s ability to understand speech and language develops significantly. By this age, most babies enjoy social games like peek-a-boo or pat-a-cake. They will purposefully turn themselves toward the direction of sounds they hear.  They begin to listen closely when spoken to and can recognize names of familiar items. Also by this age, most babies will begin to respond to simple requests and directions.

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