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What Should I do if I don’t get Along With my oB/GYN?

It is essential to feel that you are in good hands when it comes to the care of your pregnancy. And it is entirely OK to switch to a different doctor or midwife if you feel you aren’t getting what you need. In fact, some women find that the gynecologist they’ve used for years has not turned out to be the obstetrician they had hoped for once they got pregnant. If you find that your provider’s philosophy is drastically different from yours or if you constantly find yourself unable to get through to the office, you may want to consider switching.

Find another provider, and schedule an appointment with them. You will need to sign a form that will directly release all your paperwork to the new office, but this is not a big deal, as doctors and midwives are used to this. If you want to, you can let the office you are leaving know why, so they can try and improve their care, but don’t feel obligated to do so.

Don’t wait until you are in labor to switch, either! Many offices have a policy of not accepting new obstetric patients after a certain point in the pregnancy, so be sure to call and ask.

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