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What Should you Pack in Your Child’s Travel Bag?

Here are some of our must-haves when traveling with toddlers.

Look for a backpack that is lightweight and, if possible, washable.

Make sure you have a pair of headphones for your child, something that can be plugged into devices as well as the airplane.

Travel Toobs are toys big enough to play with but small enough to carry around.

Every toddler needs crayons and markers, so pick up Crayola’s Color Wonder, where the markers color nothing but the paper.

Hoping your toddler takes a snooze? Pack a swaddle blanket that’s easy to travel with and, of course, washable.

Stickers are great, unless they stick on other places. Shoot for reuseable stickers and even sticker books with themes, like this airport sticker fun book.

Toddlers are definitely going to explore the airport and airplane bathrooms, so grab potty seat covers.

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