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What Should Your Toddler be Saying by 24 Months?

What speech and language should a toddler be using by 24 months?

By around 24 months, you should notice that your toddler learns to say more and more words each month. An exciting development most toddlers achieve during this time is the ability to combine two words together to make phrases. By now, they will often ask simple questions using one or two words. Speech will still not sound perfectly clear, but you should hear your toddler using a variety of consonants in the beginning of words.

What speech and language should toddler understand by 24 months?

Also by about 24 months, children are generally able to point to some body parts as well as pictures of common items when named. They will usually be able to pay attention to brief, simple stories and will enjoy rhymes and songs. Their understanding of language grows as they are now able to comprehend simple questions and follow basic directions.

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