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Why am I so Tired now That I’m Pregnant?

Fatigue in pregnancy is no stranger to many women. However, why it happens might depend on which trimester you are in:

First trimester: Your soaring pregnancy hormones are probably the culprit here. You also might be so nauseated that you aren’t eating well, which can leave you feeling sleepy.

Second trimester: Usually this is when pregnant women feel their energy rebound again. This means you might overdo it and try to make up for that crummy first trimester. Enjoy your new-found energy, but when you are tired, slow down and rest!

Third trimester: Tiredness often resurfaces in this trimester. You might not be sleeping as well because your growing uterus is pushing on your bladder and also making it hard to get comfortable. Insomnia is common in the last few weeks, too. That nesting instinct may make you want to clean into all hours of the night, leaving you exhausted the next day. Naps might help, as might resting when you can — easier now than when a baby is here!

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