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Why do Children Head Bang?

Why do children head bang?

Head banging can be a way for children to relieve tension or soothe themselves, especially for kids who are easily over-stimulated. Some studies suggest that head banging is used as pain relief for children who have ear infections or are teething. Sometimes, little ones have temper tantrums, and they just need attention, so they head bang.

When should I be worried?

It is important to remember that isolated head banging is not usually associated with other problems, such as autism or developmental delay. Also, head banging rarely causes serious head injury. As long as your child is able to function during the day, be patient. It will likely go away on its own. However, if your child has a hard time functioning because of the head banging, it might be time to see a pediatrician.

What should I do?

As with most attention-seeking behavior, the more attention you give it, the more likely head banging is to occur. If your child does not get a strong reaction from you each time he head bangs, the behavior is likely to go away sooner than if you overreact. Be patient. This behavior will likely soon be gone for good.

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