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Company Overview:
Nabta Health is among the world’s first Hybrid Healthcare companies, focused on redressing women’s inequities in the insurance-coverage model by its claim-reduction technology… through their employing payors. At the nexus of InsurTech, HealthTech, FemTech, and traditional clinical services, it was founded with the aim of building a new, workplace-centric platform for chronic and continuous care in the emerging “Global Southeast” of Arabia, Africa, and Asia. We are passionate about our cause, and rely on relationships and the ability to navigate medical, commercial, peer, government, community, and academic networks for engagement with our stakeholders. Visited by Bill Gates, with numerous media mentions and awards won, including receiving 2023’s Parent Friendly Label honor by Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the Entrepreneur Middle East’s “Future 100”, we are proud to have among the most employee-centric work policies in all industries and sectors.

Job Summary:
As a Storyteller and Content Generator you will be responsible for crafting compelling narratives and creating engaging audiovisuals that educate, inform, and inspire sophisticated professional audiences within the corporate sector. This role requires adeptly communicating complex managerial and health-related information in accessible, relatable, and impactful ways across various platforms, carefully designed for generating demand-conversions.


  • Content Creation:
      • Develop engaging, informative, and persuasive sales and marketing content across multiple digitized formats (data sheets, company profiles, corporate presentations, how-to guides, proposal templates, e-mail/call scripts, articles, blog posts, video-clips, animations, infographics, data visualizations, icons, and social media content) to increase performance of the company’s selling teams, lead-magnets, landing pages, websites, and microsites.
      • Research and gather insights on health-related statistics, topics, medical breakthroughs, wellness trends, and patient stories to create relevant and accurate content fine-tuned for actions, reactions and share virality 
  • Storytelling:
      • Craft compelling narratives around medical insurers, employer challenges,  women’s issues to evoke empathy, understanding, and engagement from workplace personas 
      • Collaborate with customers, partners and experts to bring authentic and impactful stories to life through case studies, reference quotes and testimonials.
  • Content Strategy and Planning:
      • Contribute to the development of content strategies aligned with the organization’s goals, target audience, and industry trends.
      • Plan content calendars, ensuring timely and consistent delivery of high-quality content across various platforms.
  • Collaboration and Communication:
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams including managers, marketers, medical professionals, software developers, designers, and external stakeholders to ensure content accuracy, alignment, and effectiveness.
    • Communicate complex medical information in a clear, concise, and easily understandable manner.


  • Bachelor’s degree in English, Graphic Design, Media Production, Journalism, Communications, Marketing, Business, Health Sciences, or related fields.
  • Provable previous experience in medical/healthcare communications, technical writing, commercial journalism, advertising copywriting, or content creation through demonstrating a portfolio of works. Certification or added coursework is advantageous.
  • Must have at least 2-5 years’ experience in marketing or selling a medical insurance policy, Accounting/HRMS/SaaS technology, or employee benefit plan specifically to HR, Finance, or C-Levels at large corporate enterprises only. 
  • Passion for creative expression through multimedia forms, combined with an eye for detail, correctness, and aesthetics… preferably within the software or device technology, medical insurance, healthcare provision, womens’ or wellness industries
  • Exceptional writing and storytelling abilities with a knack for simplifying complex information for diverse audiences.
  • Ability to collaborate effectively, manage multiple projects, and meet deadlines in a dynamic environment.


AED 11,111 to AED 17,770 p.m depending on experience, plus Annual Bonus Pool (ABP) enrollment. Future eligibility for Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP).


[email protected] with a subject title ‘Storytelling and Content Generator’.

Along with your CV and a paragraph specifically highlighting how your qualifications align with this JD. 

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