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  • Day 8 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Day 8 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

We support affordable, accessible healthcare.

Why Nabta cares about affordable healthcare

Nabta is proudly aligned to 3 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: +Good Health and Wellbeing +Quality Education +Gender Equality. For us, this translates into making healthcare affordable and accessible for all women across our target market of the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. Taking the UAE as an example; insurance coverage is mandatory, however much of the population has access to only basic coverage with high co-pay or mostly pay-and-claim options. This means that many standard tests and procedures are not accessible to women here.

What our partnership with tabby aims to do?

Our partnership with tabby aims to make essential healthcare available to women across the UAE by dividing payments into four installments at no extra cost to the user. As many aspects of women’s healthcare are not covered by insurance, including fertility advice, annual pap smears and routine postpartum care; this partnership will make it possible for women to take proactive steps to manage their own health. We want them to feel they can make the right healthcare decisions, without worrying about the financial implications.

Who are tabby?

tabby is MENA’s largest and fastest-growing buy now, pay later platform. Today, Tabby operates in the UAE, KSA, Kuwait and Bahrain. Tabby works across all e-commerce platforms, browsers and mobile devices, offering a simple alternative to cash-on-delivery and making more expensive purchases affordable and accessible for a wider consumer-base.

How will this partnership benefit you, as a member of the Nabta community?

You can use tabby today to split payments for any of Nabta’s marketplace products and services into four installments, at no extra cost.

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