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  • Day 2 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Day 2 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

We believe that everyone should be in control of their own fertility. Anyone wishing to have a baby should have access to tools to monitor their fertility from the intimacy of their home.

Why Nabta cares about cycle monitoring and fertility

The first time most women consider their own health is when they decide to start a family. The MENA region has some of the highest rates of infertility in the world. Within the UAE approximately 1 in 5 couples will seek fertility advice and treatment each year. This is due, in part, to the prevalence of metabolic disorders such as obesity, insulin resistance, and Type 2 Diabetes. These high rates of infertility present a problem in a region such as MENA, where so much emphasis is placed on starting a family. As a result, demands for family planning options are high, with the MENA region accounting for over 10% of the global market for IVF. However, techniques such as IVF are expensive, invasive, and often relatively ineffective, as they address the symptoms of infertility rather than the cause. They are also seldom covered by insurance.

Nabta aims to address the issue of infertility and the lack of affordable, accessible treatment options through its hybrid healthcare platform, empowering women to identify and manage health conditions impacting their fertility in a private, autonomous and convenient way.

What our partnership with Fertility Focus aims to do?

Our partnership with Fertility Focus aims to allow women in the MENA region to effectively and privately monitor their own fertility. Our initial product offering is Cycle Monitoring with OvuSense, which detects ovulation with up to 99% accuracy, even in women with hormonal imbalances and irregular cycles. The OvuSense device gives women an 8-day predicted fertile window, which is the optimal time for them to attempt to conceive.

Who are Fertility Focus?

Fertility Focus Limited develops and markets devices for the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. With the ultimate goal of increasing pregnancy rates in infertile couples by up to 50%, Fertility Focus brings a brand new approach to the issue of infertility diagnosis and treatment. Fertility Focus currently offers two products approved for all major worldwide markets: 1 – OvuSense™ predicts the onset of ovulation one day in advance, provides 99% accuracy for detection of the exact date of ovulation, and confirms the absence of ovulation – all in realtime. No other method of cycle monitoring in the clinic or home offers these features. 2 – FertiloScope™ is a unique minimally invasive instrument for the early diagnosis and immediate corrective surgery of the physical causes of female infertility. Fertility Focus is driven by an increased medical understanding of infertility. The company uses established relationships with specialists in the field to provide solutions for improving the chance of viable conception.

How will this partnership benefit you, as a member of the Nabta community?

If you are trying, and struggling, to conceive, our Fertility Focus products are aimed at you. We can offer natural, cost-effective alternatives to traditional Artificial Reproductive Techniques (ARTs), such as IVF. If you experience irregular cycles, our Cycle Monitoring with OvuSense can help you to better understand your menstrual health. Monitoring and tracking your cycles over time can also provide your doctor with vital data to assist in the diagnosis of specific underlying health conditions such as Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Order your OvuSense monitor today from the Nabta Marketplace

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