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  • Day 1 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Day 1 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Self-care is vital to improving women’s health.

We support organisations, networks, and businesses that focus on improving women’s health, providing tools for self-care.

Launched over 8 days of affirmative action for women’s health, culminating in International Women’s Day 2021, Nabta Health has entered partnerships with a wide range of carefully curated local health and wellness providers committed to improving women’s health across the GCC.

Why Nabta cares about partnering with the right organisations?

Our marketplace of carefully selected products and services prioritises your needs. We offer support to all women at all stages to manage and achieve their health goals.

What partners have we chosen?

We have selected partners that are the “best in kind” health and wellness companies within the UAE and beyond. Secret Skin provides clean beauty for conscientious consumers Love Parenting UAE supports couples at every stage of pregnancy and as they make the transition to parenthood. And we have many more exciting partnerships to announce soon.

Why we choose the partners that we do?

Within our marketplace you will find the support you need to achieve your health goals. We have identified and selected partners that can help you optimise your self-care, whether this is through modifying your lifestyle to lose weight, or taking the right steps to maximise your chances of conceiving.

Visit the Nabta Marketplace here.

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