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  • Day 5 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Day 5 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

We believe that every parent deserves to enjoy a confident, fulfilling journey to parenthood.

Why Nabta cares about prenatal and postpartum courses

In the UAE, according to a survey conducted by Nabta Health in partnership with Rise Birth Center, 56% of women and 30% of men suffer from postpartum depression. This is due, at least in part, to insufficient postpartum care. We are passionate about supporting women with their health at every age and stage, and this includes preparing them and their families for the transition to parenthood and everything it involves in terms of lifestyle changes. We recognise that giving families help and support immediately after a baby is born is a gap that needs plugging.

What our partnership with Love Parenting aims to do?

Our partnership with Love Parenting UAE aims to offer support and advice on a “needs-only” basis to first-time parents as they navigate the transition from pregnancy to parenthood.

Who are Love Parenting UAE?

Love Parenting UAE have three simple aims; help couples enjoy their pregnancies, have fulfilling births and love parenting! They provide evidence-based information and support to new parents as they explore their birthing and parenting choices; encouraging them to trust in their own wisdom and abilities to birth, nurture and parent their children calmly and confidently.

How will this partnership benefit you, as a member of the Nabta community?

This partnership enables you, as a member of the Nabta community, to draw on the comprehensive knowledge and extensive network of the Love Parenting UAE team to support you in your transition to parenthood.

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