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Nabta Health Launches Barrier-breaking Podcast, Empowered Women

Nabta Health has launched a women’s health podcast, Empowered Women.

Hosted by Nabta Health’s CEO & Founder, Sophie Smith and COO Dr. Panna Morgan, Empowered Women delves deep into the world of women’s healthcare in emerging markets, interviewing a diverse group of women’s health experts from across the region and the globe.

As mothers to five children of five-and-under, the content Sophie and Panna discuss are issues that affect their own lives and those of the people around them. In a break with the norm for the region, they openly discuss periods, puberty, fertility, pregnancy, parenting, perimenopause and more, exposing myths and exploring fascinating details about women’s bodies.

Sophie and Panna are joined by expert contributors including local and global leaders in reproductive health, mindfulness, meditation, nutrition, exercise, and loads more. The first season of Empowered Women looks at fertility and moves on to look at pregnancy, menopause and overall health in subsequent seasons.

Nabta Health is the Middle East’s only hybrid healthcare platform dedicated to elective, preventive women’s healthcare, and recently announced a $1.5 million Seed+ raise..

Sophie Smith, CEO and Founder of Nabta Health, said:

“I am so excited that the podcast is out there. We are dedicated to supporting women in emerging markets with frank and truthful healthcare information. We have been really lucky to get interviews with some big hitters in the women’s healthcare field and I think our audiences will enjoy listening to and maybe even be surprised by some of the content. Empowered Women is another string to the Nabta bow, adding to our rich library of online articles, the Nabta Health AI powered app and the Nabta Women’s Health Shop.

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Apple https://podcasts.apple.com/nl/podcast/empowered-women/id1611905711?l=en

Spotify https://open.spotify.com/show/3jkDukgAd6sjyvtmoAfmgf?si=e593a23802ee4fc4

Stitcher https://www.stitcher.com/s?fid=686742 

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