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  • Day 7 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

Day 7 – 8 Days of Affirmative Action for Women’s Health

We believe that early detection is key to managing women’s health.

Why Nabta cares about symptom checking

We want to empower women to effectively manage their health and a key part of doing this is helping them to better understand their own bodies and how different symptoms fit together.

What our partnership with Infermedica aims to do?

Our partnership with Infermedica aims to give women the control to manage their own healthcare. Using an online symptom checker will enable users of the Nabta platform to consider their symptoms, understand how they tie together and verify which type of specialist they should speak to and when.

Who are Infermedica?

Infermedica aims to give people control of their own health decisions. The belief of Infermedica is that modern healthcare means patient-centric healthcare. Together with industry leaders, Infermedica has developed a smart technology centered around an AI-powered symptom checker that makes it easier for users to understand the care that they could benefit from.

How will this partnership benefit you, as a member of the Nabta community?

Today, as a member of the Nabta community, you can ask our AI-powered health assistant chatbot (Aya) about particular symptoms by clicking the Aya icon, located in the bottom left-hand corner of every page of the app. With the release of Nabta Care later in the year, you will be able to ask Aya for specialist recommendations and book appointments directly, either virtually or in the clinic.

Download the Nabta app now and #AskAya about your symptoms.

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