Fertility Hypnotherapy Session

Whether you’re just thinking about starting a family, having another child, or you’ve been trying for years without success, the technique of Fertility hypnotherapy can be effective.

Book a hypnosis session (RTT METHOD) dedicated to fertility

Women were gifted with the divinity of creation; it is in our nature. When we are trying to conceive, it helps to have all your divine body parts working together in harmony. If your body and mind, along with your partner’s, are not aligned then embrace additional support. Fertility hypnotherapy can help you get to, and stay longer, in this place.

  • Available either online or in-person bookings in Dubai.
  • Languages are available in English or Spanish.

Fulfilled in partnership with Positive Living UAE.

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What’s Included
  • Fertility Hypnotherapy Session by a certified specialist (online or in-person in Dubai)
  • Material and books are provided to facilitate the learning journey.
Benefits Women and couples who participate in fertility hypnotherapy often benefit in the following ways:
  • Improved mental health.
    • Whether you’re struggling due to frustrations of the moment, or long-term problems such as depression, hypnotherapy can help.
  • Decreased stress.
    • By learning to relax and visualize positive experiences, your body will feel more at peace. Hypnotherapy helps you create these moments.
  • Lowered anxiety.
    • When you want something as important as a baby, you may begin to feel obsessed with it. This is understandable, but not necessarily helpful. Many people also suffer from patterns of anxiety prior to this time of their life. You can reverse that pattern.
  • More positive experiences.
    • As strange as it may sound, your brain can’t tell the difference between a real day on the beach and an imagined one. Fertility hypnosis will help you create these relaxing, peaceful experiences.
  • Changes in habits
    • Hypnotherapy is widely used to change habits such as smoking. However, it can be used to help you change any type of behavior, such as how much you exercise, or how you think about yourself.

These all help with fertility, not to mention your overall wellness and happiness.

The Gentle Process of Hypnosis 

Hypnotherapy can sound a bit scary, but it’s a gentle process. It’s designed to help you relax and create a positive integration by providing healing wherever your mind and mental state needs it.

Difficulties conceiving in conditions of high stress and anticipation

When you’re feeling a lot of anticipation or worry, your body goes into a heightened state. You become stressed, and your brain releases chemicals to keep you alert from any perception of danger. Hence, this state of constant alertness puts your body on an edge, and therefore, your body is less likely to relax and do its natural work of creation.

Moreover, your body may be less inclined to conceive in such conditions of high stress and anticipation. By reversing this through Hypnotherapy, your body will relax and increase the feeling-good chemicals and enhance the environment of your body to be unblocked and open to pregnancy.

Mental Block to Pregnancy

In many cases, profound past traumas or traumatic childhood experiences can be the cause of a mental block to pregnancy. At times, some people might not even recall any specific event (implicit Memories) but it plays a big role in why an individual is not conceiving.

* Last but not least, some physical conditions might be also preventing or interfering with pregnancy and while hypnotherapy won’t reverse those conditions, it can definitely decrease the stress in your body and HEAL you, making you feel stronger and resilient.

About Positive Living UAE

Luz Maria Villagras Surco is the Founder and CEO of Positive Living UAE. She is a Peruvian self-made entrepreneur living in the UAE for the past 23 years. Luz always enjoyed traveling and learning about the history and architecture of Peru. She can speak English, Italian, and Spanish (her native language).

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Fertility Hypnotherapy Session

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