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HairKarma Anti-Hair Fall Serum

HairKarma Anti-Hair Fall serum

HairKarma anti-hair fall serum is a natural oil-based serum designed to revive the scalp, promote hair growth and reduce hair fall. Containing the key ingredients Indian gooseberry, Matcha green tea and castor oil, the serum helps keep your scalp healthy and your hair thicker and more lustrous.

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Product Materials
Benefits of HairKarma Anti-Fall serum
How to use
Product Materials

HairKarma anti-hair fall serum is a natural oil-based serum designed to revive the scalp, promote hair growth and reduce hair fall.

Benefits of HairKarma anti-fall serum

  • Packed full of scalp reviving antioxidants.
  • Adds shine and lustre to dull hair.
  • Reduces hair fall by keeping the scalp healthy.

How to use

Use at least twice a week. Apply 4-6 full droppers evenly over the scalpUsing your fingertips, gently massage into the scalp, ensuring that the entire area is covered. The massage should last for approximately five minutesRelax and allow to soak in for two hours or overnight. Wash out gently but thoroughly.

About KJ Serums

Kathryn Jones Hand Blended Serums are a game changer in topical skincare. Kathryn established the business in Dubai in 2017 following a career working in the UK biopharmaceutical sector, making life saving medicines.

“I have a passion for skincare and anti-ageing and using my background in science and medicine, I wanted to provide skin care products that would be more effective than the leading products on the market using fresh, active ingredients at a reasonable price.”

“I formulated my range of skincare products to be effective, ethical and affordable. The brand was borne out of necessity in a way. I simply could not afford to buy some of the famous big brand products and so using my background in biopharmaceuticals I wanted to provide simple, pared down formulas that are affordable and yet deliver consistent results.”

“All the products are made under my supervision in the UAE. I strive to produce products that work and it’s my greatest wish that they enhance happiness and health through better skin.”

Why Choose us?

Fresh ingredients

Active and potent ingredients

Effective and affordable

Hand blended serums at a reasonable price

Pared down formulas

Avoids harsh chemicals and unnecessary additives

Customer Reviews

I’ve been suffering from hair fall for a long time and had a very thin hair. I decided to try the HairKarma and I’m so happy I did. After 2 weeks I noticed that my hair fall became less and I started to have small baby hairs. So happy with the serum and strongly recommend it.
My hair felt thicker with more volume and had new hair growth. Definitely recommend this product for anyone wanting hair growth.
After a few weeks of use noticed a huge difference in hair fall and texture of my hair. I have very fine, thin, dry hair so try to avoid using too much product. However this doesn’t leave my hair feeling greasy and heavy as you only use a few drops a few times a week.

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HairKarma Anti-Hair Fall Serum

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