Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session

Quitting smoking can indeed be challenging but it’s one of the best things one can do for the betterment of one’s health.

Through positive affirmations and various techniques to help quit smoking during hypnosis, this program is known to show effective results.

Book a Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy (RTT Method) Session

The Stop Smoking Hypnosis Therapy aims to strengthen a person’s determination and motivation to quit smoking by understanding and anticipating the mental blocks and indecisiveness that may occur in the patient’s life until they can get rid of the smoking habit.

  • Available either online or in-person bookings in Dubai.
  • Languages are available in English or Spanish.

Fulfilled in partnership with Positive Living UAE.

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Hypnosis is an effective method of change. It helps you to push past your mental barriers and increase your receptiveness to change.

What’s Included
  • Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session by a certified specialist (online or in-person in Dubai)
  • Fact-finding discussion
  • Material and books are provided to facilitate the learning journey.
Aim of Hypnotherapy 
  1. Support and strengthen your determination and motivation to quit smoking.
  2. Open up for a fact-finding discussion. In order to anticipate and analyze various mental blocks
  3. Properly address indecisiveness which may occur until you are able to establish the habit of being smoke-free.

 Many people use hypnosis to overcome addictions, obesity, and trauma. 


The Gentle Process of Hypnosis 

Hypnotherapy can sound a bit scary, but it’s a gentle process. It’s designed to help you relax and create a positive integration by providing healing wherever your mind and mental state needs it. 

How does hypnotherapy work

Hypnotherapy is known as a treatment that works with a person’s conscious and subconscious mind to find solutions to various behavioral and emotional troubles. It is often considered effective in treating multiple issues such as nicotine addiction, traumatic memories, eating disorders, and fears. Hypnotherapy includes the clinical use of hypnosis to produce desired changes. Through helpful suggestions and images, the hypnotherapist guides the person into a state of mental and physical relaxation.


About Positive Living UAE

Luz Maria Villagras Surco is the Founder and CEO of Positive Living UAE. She is a Peruvian self-made entrepreneur living in the UAE for the past 23 years. Luz always enjoyed traveling and learning about the history and architecture of Peru. She can speak English, Italian, and Spanish (her native language).

"Our mission is to teach you 'New Positive Habits and Empowering Living Tips' to shape your attitude, your mindset, and ultimately assisting you in this beautiful journey called "Life".

"Positive Living means to have the right attitude towards Life. Real Success is about being authentic to yourself.”

"Our specialized techniques that will delve deeper into your mental blocks and relieve you without the use of harmful medication or extensive treatments. Our therapist will guide you through self-empowering exercises that will transform you, using only your mind, body, and spirit."

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Positive Living

A chance to get to know yourself better, guided by experts, to discover the REAL YOU!


Our therapists will HEAL you and guide you in living with a higher state of emotional intelligence

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy Session

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