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Wake Up Smiling: Smart Bedtime Routine for Busy Moms

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Creating a smart bedtime routine is one of the earliest motherhood lessons we learn. Tiny humans thrive on routines; the better the nighttime ritual, the better they (and we) sleep.

Somewhere along the line, we forget to implement the same structure for ourselves. While the idea of incorporating yet another set of steps and rules may seem overwhelming, it can help you wake up the next day, ready to tackle anything.

Here are some key steps to building a smart bedtime routine to help busy moms wake up smiling— or at least on time and ready to go.

Create a Bedtime Routine Overlap

The best time for busy moms to start their bedtime routine is during the kids’ routine. This approach will look different for every mom, depending on how many kids they have and the age range. However, you can accomplish several little tasks while getting your kids ready for bed to free up some much-needed downtime for yourself.

Try to tackle the household tasks while your kids are getting ready for bed or starting to wind down. Jump in on the fun: wash your face and brush your teeth with your toddler. 

Set Yourself up for Success

Make your mornings easier by incorporating preparations into your bedtime routine— your future self will thank you. Set out clothing for tomorrow, prepare lunches, and do anything that you can complete in advance. 

This step of the routine doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Listen to your favorite playlist or podcast while you get things done, and transition into relaxation time.

Create an Ideal Sleep Environment

Your sleep environment plays an important role in how well you sleep. If your bed is overdue for an upgrade, you may be missing out on deep, restorative sleep. One of the benefits of a firm mattress is better weight distribution and joint support, especially if a little person sneaks into your bed at night.

In addition to a high-quality mattress with all the pillows you need for support, you’ll also want to address the surrounding environment. Studies have shown that a cooler ambient temperature promotes more restful sleep, as does darkness. If you leave a hallway light on for your kids, consider using an eye mask to block out the light.

Finally, set up your space with some ambient noise or relaxing music and your favorite diffuser scent.

Cut Your Consumption

Staying hydrated is essential for overall health and wellness, especially for busy moms. However, there comes a time when those hydrating habits start to interrupt your sleep.

Set a time limit for your liquid consumption, at least an hour or two before bed. If you rely on caffeine to get through your day, limit your intake after lunchtime. You may think you don’t feel the effects of your afternoon coffee, but your sleep cycle does.

Unplug from Social

Scrolling through social media may seem like a way to relax and practice self-care, but it engages the mind when it should be winding down. The blue light from smart devices also interrupts circadian rhythms. 

Try to unplug from technology at least an hour before bed. Consider putting a screen time limit in place if you tend to pick up your phone mindlessly. Who says you can’t parent yourself?

Engage in a Relaxing Activity

Once the work is done, or even if it isn’t, set a time at which your only priority is you; consider this your version of “office hours.” 

Choose a relaxing activity that helps you unwind from the day and practice stress management. These activities vary for everyone. You might want to take a hot shower and time spent applying lotion, curl up with a good book, do some meditation or write in a journal.

Whatever you choose, remember to show yourself some gratitude and acknowledge your work as a busy mom every day.

Create a Consistent Schedule

Finally, give yourself the same consistency and routine that you offer your tiny humans. After all, you used to be one of them. 

Try to go to bed at the same time every night to cue your mind that it’s time to shut down. If you don’t feel tired at bedtime, get in bed and engage in a relaxing activity. If you’re having difficulty falling asleep, get up and knock something off the to-do list, then try again.

Your sleep routine won’t always work out— kids have a way of shaking things up. However, putting the proper steps in place will help trigger sleep cues within your body and make mornings less stressful.

Written by Rebecca Alston @MamasLikeMe! https://www.mamaslikeme.com


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